The Latest South Orange County Chamber Of Commerce Meeting Featuring Dave Linden, Coordinater of Largest Mixer Events

The latest south Orange County Chamber of Commerce meeting featured Dave Linden who runs Orange County’s and Los Angeles’ Largest Mixer speaking. Dave gave all of those in attendance some awesome trade show notes.

  • The first thing he recommended is that you arrive early to your tradeshow in order to tie up loose ends and to network with other vendors.
  • Dave emphasized that it’s important to eat before the tradeshow begins and not during. Not only does eating during meetings with people come off as unprofessional but it’s distracting as well. If you plan on eating you have another reason to arrive at the tradeshow early.
  • Next Dave spoke about the importance of standing at your exhibit. He stressed that it’s incredibly important to not sit at your exhibit and that instead you should be standing, interacting with people, and networking. Dave says to ask yourself “are you paying to sit there”?
  • Another thing you want to avoid when you’re working your exhibit is talking on your cell phone. While it may be tempting to take that lead right away you don’t want to jump on the phone in front of other people it’s extremely rude and unprofessional. If you must make a phone call walk away from your booth to do so but only if you have another individual to watch your exhibit for you.
  • Come to trade shows with a goal in mind. If you pay money to set up an exhibit there you should enter knowing what you want to accomplish. Don’t just wing it.
  • Dressing appropriately as something that Dave really put an emphasis on. He stated that you don’t need to wear a suit but that you should consider wearing company branded clothing or colors to make your booth seem even more professional.
  • Dave next spoke about following up with those business cards you collected. Put candidates in your database and on your follow campaign and then get to it!
  • Dave spoke briefly about blogging and how it’s important to blog both before and after the event. If you own a Facebook or Twitter account you should utilize those as well.

One they’ve completed speaking about the basics he stated some specifics. They were:

  • Keeping your goals in mind during a tradeshow will make it really hard to fail whereas if you’re all over the place with multiple goals without focus your going to confuse people.
  • Have a juicy sales pitch. Strategize your wording so that you can knock it out of the park.
  • Have a showstopping item in your exhibit. Doing so will cause people to stop by your exhibit because everyone will want to be part of your fun. These can be cookies, chocolate fountain, a UFO, or anything else you can imagine.
  • Dave urged everybody in attendance to utilize impressive banners of their exhibits. Banners should make sense in 3 seconds or less and have fantastic and eye-popping graphics. This is extremely important when dealing with the crowds because not everything will catch the bystanders eye. You can also get an 8 foot tablecloth and use that as a banner or stand banners up when you have a really big crowd.
  • Go out of the way to be extra friendly with event producers. This often results in them giving vendors a free ad, publicity, or better location.

All the tips that Dave spoke about were fantastic and had the room buzzing. If you want to be a part of the Largest Mixer contact Dave or sign up online today!  Don’t forget to visit Largest Mixer on Facebook as well!

Largest Mixer

Phone: 323-860-8811
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The Latest South Orange County Chamber of Commerce Meeting Featuring Orange County Property Manager Esther Dunn

The latest South Orange County Chamber of Commerce meeting was an interesting one indeed and one that featured speaker Esther Dunn. Esther is an accredited residential property manager in Orange County and provided us with some interesting information.

Esther believes business needs a personal side and as such is very passionate about being a property “mediator”. She frequently helps homeowners with HOA issues, neighbor issues, and property issues. Esther possesses a degree in organizational management and knows that one person can make a difference if they care enough. Esther emphasized the import in believing this because everything significant begins with one person.

Esther Lived through the 80’s and the oil crisis in Houston and has friends who lived through the Great Depression of the 1920s. Esther recently left her company job despite the current economic conditions to pursue her passions which is helping people with their homes. Additionally Esther tripled her growth in just one year in this field and would love to speak with homeowners or homeowner associations about ways those communities can be protected and improved. Be sure to subscribe to her blog or contact her for more information!

Phone: (949) 716-2179

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5 Ways To Support Your Networking Groups Online

Great meeting at the SOC chamber today!!!  We didn’t have our usual speaker, but we did have a brainstorming session on how we can add value to current and future SOC Chamber members.   We talked about contests, videos, targeted speakers…all great stuff!  Of course, the internet got mentioned, and we had some opinions to share…

5 Secrets to Networking 2.0:

(full post on Cal Coast Web Design’s blog)

1. Display the group’s logo / badge on your website and link back to your organization. This is a 24/7 trust factor for your business (who doesn’t want to see you are with the BBB and the Chamber?!), and, a 24/7 advertisment for your networking group.

2. Use the group’s FREE resources. If they give you a page on their website or a post on their blog, UPDATE IT! If you as members don’t make your networking group’s blog or website resourceful…then who will?

3. Follow your group on Twitter. If they are having an event of value, RT them! @ back your fellow members. Engage and care what the other businesses in your community are doing. Remember to refer them ON-line the way you do OFF-line.

4. Don’t just ‘Like‘ your group on Facebook, CHECK IN while you’re networking. Perception is everything. If lunchtime Facebookers see 80 people check in at the same midday mixer, do you think they might want to see what all the fuss is about???

5. Join your group on LinkedIn. While you’re there, post something valuable from your industry that the other members should know about. If people see your group helping and contributing to eachother online, they will show up to your event(s) offline.

Networking is no longer a weekly or monthly shake-hands-exchange-cards-expect-business thing.  Networking is a daily way of life.

So…..chamber members……how are you doing with the 5 points above?  Cal Coast Web Design would LOVE to support you in any way – do you have any comments, questions, or suggestions?

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Susie Stojanovski And “Sunblock for Soldiers”

South Orange County Chamber of Commerce member Susie Stojanovski has created a program called “Sunblock for Soldiers” which aims to supply US troops with products that protect them from the harsh sun and elements of the desert environments that they serve in. The program’s tagline is “help protect them as they protect us” and supplies United States troops with the following:

  • SPF 30 sunscreen
  • live protect her sunscreen SPF 15
  • After – Sun Replenishing Gel

The Sun protection care package for troops costs just $45 and the cost itself includes tax as well as shipping and handling which is extremely affordable and helps a great cause. Best of all for every package that Susie’s clients purchase, Susie personally matches each sunset purchased and donates one more sunset to the troops with her profits from each set. “If we work together to donate to Sun Sets or oversee troops we can help protect the people who put their lives on their lives on the line for us each day.”

The program’s initial goal is to sell 500 Sun Sets to United States military troops which would mean that 1000 units would get sent over to them. If you’d like to learn more about Operation Sunscreen For Our Troops be sure to contact Susie with any questions you might have. You can also click here for the full details of the program.

Phone: 949-348-0536

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Orange County Estate Planning Attorney Advises Local Business Partners On Wills, Living Trusts

The latest South Orange County Chamber of Commerce meeting featured speaker Dawn Stark an Orange County estate planning attorney. Dawn touched on a number of great subjects and helps clarify some of the more confusing aspects of estate planning.

Dawn first spoke of wills and emphasized that if you do not have one you should definitely have one put together. Most people Dawn stated do not have a will and those that do are a much better position than those that don’t. She also emphasized that a will does not cover everything when you pass away and that if you want to help with the rest you’ll need a living trust. A living trust will ensure any real property you own stays out of probate after you’re gone.

Dawn then shifted gears a bit and spoke of upside down properties in placing those in the trust. Dawn stress that it’s incredibly important to put such properties in a trust because property worth fluctuates and can depreciate as well as a appreciate. Doing so also gives your beneficiaries the ability to deny the property if it will put them under financial strain. Putting your affairs and assets in order well before you pass away not only gives you peace of mind but will help ease the burden on kin once you’ve passed.

Dawn closed her speech by stating and re-emphasizing just how important it is to avoid letting the government take control of your hard-earned funds and property after you’ve passed away. Call Dawn and she will help ensure that your family legacy lives on! In an effort to meet and discuss these important matters further Dawn is holding an open house on June 11 as well as multiple seminars over the summer to better educate Orange County residents on wills and living trusts.

Contact Dawn today!

Phone: 949-637-8275

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Skin Care And Skin Protection At The Latest South Orange County Chamber Of Commerce Meeting

The latest Southern Orange County Chamber of Commerce meeting focused entirely on how to better protect your skin. The information attendees received was invaluable and motivating.

The speaker at this latest meeting was Susie Stojanovski of Mary Kay. Susie spoke of all the different ways to better protect your skin and emphasized the use of a good sunblock, especially during the hotter times of the year. With summer just around the corner Susie asked how those in attendance plan to keep their skin healthy and looking young. Individuals who do not use a high-quality sunblock face several Sun related dangers. Among these dangers are the two everybody wants to avoid, skin cancer and premature aging. Overexposure to the sun can cause cancer at any time which can be fatal so it’s important to use only the highest quality of sunblock during the summer. Doing so will keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Those interested in a high-quality sunblock should contact Susie for assistance and have any questions they may have answered.

Contact Susie today!

Phone: 949-348-0536

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Orange County Personal Trainer: The Birth Of Fitness4Baby

Orange County personal trainer Eric Johannsen has been helping people get and stay in shape for years and is proud of his many achievements as a personal trainer. During his years of personal training work the Orange County personal trainer has worked with a great number of pregnant women both during and after their pregnancy in order to ensure that both baby and mother remain healthy throughout the entire process. While working with pregnant women Eric learned that the combination of pregnancy and regular exercise produces fantastic results. Eric states that “it’s not just about losing the baby weight after delivery, but getting and staying in shape while pregnant also improves the lives of mother and child.”

Two of the Orange County personal trainer’s clients whom he worked with during pregnancy delivered a healthy baby boy’s and stated that they were overjoyed with the exercise routine that Eric developed and helped them maintain throughout their entire pregnancies. Eric said that this is one of the most rewarding moments he’s ever had has an Orange County personal trainer.

As for the name “Fitness4Baby”, Eric chose name because he believes it emphasizes the importance of staying fit before, during and even after pregnancy. A woman’s health has a direct and profound impact on the health of the fetus. With so much on the line with regards to an unborn baby’s health every pregnant woman should do her best to get and stay in the best shape possible. Pregnant women will not only feel better during pregnancy but labor and delivery are handled much better by the body when a woman is in shape.

The Orange County personal trainers “Fitness4Baby” has two goals which are to educate women on the importance of exercise during pregnancy and showing them safe and effective means of getting and staying in shape. Additionally the program shares up-to-date research and knowledge and also provides women with the highest quality in-home personal training.

The Orange County personal trainer doesn’t stop at all this however as through “Fitness4Baby” he aims to assist as many people as possible with online technology so that all women who desire to have it may have access to both pre-and postnatal exercise specialists.

Contact Fitness4Baby Today!

Phone: 714.336.0040

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Orange County Photography At The Latest South Orange County Chamber of Commerce Meeting

The most recent South Orange County Chamber of Commerce meeting centered around photography and the many different types of pictures a client can get from an Orange County photographer.

In fact the speaker at this meeting was Orange County photographer Carol bridges who have a lot to say about Orange County photography in general. After her introduction Carol begin speaking about the different types of photographs she takes. More than any other types of pictures Carol photographs weddings, corporate events, pets, babies, kids, and even families. Carol then stated she offers a wide variety of packages for any of these scenarios and is more than happy to travel to any location within Orange County.

Carol then spoke about retouching photographs. She asked “do you want to look younger without surgery?” If so Carol Bridges is the Orange County photographer for you. Carol is an expert at retouching photographs to remove things that her clients find unappealing or things that detract from a photograph. In addition to age Carol can fix blemishes, lazy eyes, excess weight, and even yellow teeth. With years of experience under her belt removing these things from photographs is never a problem.

Carol then spoke about she is able to photograph pets separately in scenarios where pets don’t get along and then use Photoshop to put them next to each other cuddling in a photograph. So great are Carol skills with photo touchups in editing that anyone who views her work will never know the difference! In addition to this Carol also accepts pictures from her clients that need retouching. If you have older photographs that have flaws or that have faded with time you definitely need to contact Carol as she can fix these types of images to.

Contact Carol Bridges today!

Phone: 949-589-5311

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Orange County Real Estate Agent Inspires Those At The Latest South Orange County Chamber of Commerce Meeting

The latest south orange County Chamber of Commerce meeting was one not only filled with valuable business information but an uplifting and positive message as well. Everyone in attendance left the meeting feeling inspired and informed.

Our speaker at the latest south Orange County Chamber of Commerce meeting was Remy Chausse, an Orange County real estate agent. Remy began her speech by talking about how she applied concepts from the book entitled “Think & Go Rich” and how doing she made a turnaround in her real estate business in just six months! Remy then emphasized that while technique and concepts are important to success, individuals must first believe in themselves and that you both need and deserve that. Believing in yourself and applying these concepts is a guaranteed recipe for success and she urged everyone to work on themselves as well as their business concepts and techniques.

Though Remy spoke about the 13 tips that the book is based on she chose to emphasize three of the more important concepts that helped her achieve a high level of success.

The first tip was imagination. Remy spoke of how she mocked up a dream board and the dream book and how every day she made a new page and clipped magazines to help her imagine a new reality.

The second tip was affirmations. Not only must you conceive of affirmations you must believe in them wholeheartedly and repeat them daily. Try repeating affirmations 100 times a day it really works! Affirm your success!

The third and final tip was faith. Remy believes in herself and trusts her own decisions which has helped her achieve a level of success that would have not been possible without faith in herself. Remy emphasized that having faith in yourself makes the entire vision work and work well and that you should believe in yourself and you believe you deserve an awesome home and and an awesome Orange County real estate agent like Remy to help you.

Contact Remy today!

Phone: (949) 305-4365

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Orange County Photography At The Latest South Orange County Chamber of Commerce Meeting

The latest South Orange County Chamber of Commerce meeting was all about Orange County photography. There was plenty of information given not only about photography but what a specific Orange County photographer can do for you.

The speaker was Mike Steele an Orange County photographer with years of experience behind him. Mike began his speech by emphasizing that it’s about your customer and not about you when it comes to business. This is especially true if you’re in the business of Orange County photography. Mike went on to further explain that you have to be open to what your customers ask for and then apply your skills and knowledge to their ideas. This not only helps to create some great pictures but makes clients extremely happy as well.

Mike can talk a bit about how he creates brochures for some of his clients with photos that nearly pop right out of the brochure at the viewer. Mike drew an analogy between asking for driving directions and the brochures he creates. Mike asked everyone in attendance if they ever asked for directions and of course we all had. He then went on to state that most people don’t actually remember street names but rather landmarks and other visual cues that they see en route to their destination. He then asked those in attendance what they’re personal brochures look like. Mike asked “are they the equivalent of a street sign and if so why not make a landmark with beautiful photos?”

Aside from brochures there plenty of other Orange County photography services Mike offers. These include Orange County commercial photography, Orange County wedding photography, and he even helps customers create visually appealing business cards, brochures and sample books.

If you’re in need of an Orange County photographer be sure to contact Mike Steele today!

Phone: 949-510-3258

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